Terms & Conditions

Any problems must be reported in 24 hours.  No refunds.  No cancellations with less than 24 hour notice. Customers are responsible for picking up or arranging for their items to be picked up from the farm. Items may be picked up at designated drop sites as a courtesy only when a drop site is available. Items are unique, one of a kind and HIGHLY perishable, there are NO REFUNDS on orders due to this fact. Items MUST be picked up at the farm, the farm is not a delivery service.  The farm will work with customers to drive together or form a drop site as available, however, it is up to the customer to get their order, no exceptions. 

Not responsible for items left at a drop site, this includes theft, damage, leaking, thawing, or temperature changes among other things.  Customers are urged to pick up the day the site is filled.  If drop site pickup can not be done on the drop day, customer MUST contact the host to make arrangements to pick up.  Host is not responsible for anything, host simply allows product to be dropped off for easier pickup.  

Orders are due 5 days in advance of pickup for those who generally use drop sites.  Orders picked up at the farm a minimum of 24 hour notice is required.  Customer is fully responsible for picking up their order.  

Weekly Specials are available until they are sold out.  They can be ordered at any time.  Limited quantities.

Items being picked up at the farm--freezer space is limited.  Items not picked up within a week of ordering them will be charged a freezer fee of $5 per week they take up space in the freezer.  Also not responsible for freezer failure.  In other words, I don't want to store your items in my freezer so please pick them up quickly.  

Meats are not refundable.  A deposit is required to hold the order and payment in full is required before it is removed from the butchers shop or the farm.  This includes all beef (whole, half, quarter, eighth, bulk ground, special packages, etc.), all pork (whole, half, boxes, bulk specials, sausages, etc.), lamb and goat (whole, half, special packages, etc.), poultry (whole, specials, etc.).