Strawberry Jelly and Jam Class June 25, 2016 1 PM


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On farm class!  In Finlayson. Strawberry Jelly and Strawberry Jam JUNE 25, 2016  1 PM

Class will walk you through the entire jelly and jam making process from preparing the fruit to sealing the jars.  You will get handouts detailing how to safely make your own canned jam and jelly as well as recipes.  This is a basic class and will teach you how to make your own jam and jelly from any type of fruit.  This class will use strawberries.  

Different class options are available:

Audit the class:  You get the instructions and recipes for making your own jams at home, you still participate in the class and can call or email if you have problems or questions when doing your own.

Class plus fruit:  All of the above plus fruit do your own jam/jelly at home.  Includes 4 quarts of strawberries.  

To make your own at home you will need:




Lemon Juice


Lids and Rings

Jar grabber

Lid grabber




Pan to cook the jam and jelly 

Pan to can the jars

For jelly, you will also need:

Straining bag