Sourdough--Parisian strain


This starter has a very unique and interesting history.  It was first started in 1856 in San Francisco, the Parisian is the second oldest bakery in the city.  The Boudin Bakery was the first to open years earlier in 1849.  Both made San Francisco sourdough bread which many think of as the gold standard for sourdough bread.  While the Boudin lives on, sadly the Parisian is no more.  After being bought by Interstate Bakeries (former owners of Wonder Bread and Hostess brands), it was slotted for closure after the company (Interstate) filed for bankruptcy in 2005.  Unlike Hostess' Twinkies, the Parisian was not sold.  It was simply "shuttered" and never reopened.  San Francisco lost a part of its soul when it closed and caught many off guard.  This starter is one of the more "sour" flavored starters I have.  Makes a GREAT grilled cheese!

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