Pint jar of golden honey. 

Jars filled by weight.  Pint of honey is 1.5# or 24 ounces

Bees are from the farm and have been raised (split) off of one hive.  They have never been treated with any chemicals or had issues with disease or mites fortunately.  They are allowed to feed off of the honey stores they made over winter and well into the spring, we do not feed gmo sugar water to them or expect them to thrive on artificial feed stuffs.  

The honey is raw.  When it is harvested, it is put into an extractor to get the honey out of the comb.  It is then filtered to remove any debris and wax bits.  The honey has never been heated and is only removed from closed comb.  

All items must be picked up at the farm within one week of ordering.  Orders typically ready in 24 hours from time order was placed.  To pick up--send email stating when you would like to get your order.  Orders not picked up within one week of placing them will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.  

We do not ship.  We do not deliver off the farm.