Canning CSA


Canning CSA--for those who want garden goodies in the pantry year round and don't need all that kale.

This is NOT a weekly CSA. When the crop is ready to be harvested, it will be picked and brought to St. Paul or S Mpls on Thursdays.  Other locations may be possible as well, ask.  

ALL vegetables are organically grown and are heirloom. Great flavor without the chemicals used.

Canning classes are given on the farm and are free for CSA members. Farm is located in Finlayson.

This CSA includes (by weight):

Beans 10#
Beets 10#
Sweet Corn 4 dozen ears
Winter Squash 20#
Summer Squash 20#
Tomatoes 20#
Peppers 5#
Onions 10#
Cabbage 30#
Melons 20#
Cucumbers 10#
Potatoes 10#

Veggies can be purchased separately as well.

Without including the sweet corn, this works out to about $1.71 per pound of organic freshness.

Veggies can also be purchased without the CSA as they are available.  

Kraut making classes will be offered on the farm too. It is super easy.