• Bee CSA


    This CSA is for the bees!

    What it does:

    It allows for the purchase of new hives and expanding the bee population.  This increases the amount of honey bees (which have a rough go of things currently) and in turn, increases the production of garden produce, apples and other fruits, and helps to pollinate many flowers.  

    What you get:

    You get a set amount of honey every month starting the end of June and going through the end of September.  This also allows you to help the bees without having to live in the country to do so, which makes becoming a bee keeper easy!  You are also more than welcome to come and learn about the hives and how to care for them--some protective gear will be needed depending on how into the hive and bees lives you wish to to. 

    Honey can be picked up in St. Paul or South Minneapolis (other options may become available as well)

    • June 25th
    • July 30th
    • August 27th
    • September 24th

      Three sizes of the honey bee CSA are available, Small (1 pint), Medium (2 pints), and Large (4 pints).  This is to be picked up each month on the day listed above.